Sunset Sailing

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Three Ways to Sail into Paradise

Unlock the magic of Baru Island, discover the serene beauty of Tierrabomba, or toast to the perfect Cartagena sunset. Your adventure awaits aboard a sailboat that boasts pristine condition and world-class service. Your choice, your story.

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Island Hopping

Set sail to the beautiful beaches of Baru. Snorkel, swim, or simply relax as we chart a course through Cartagena’s most stunning locations.

- Customizable route
- Stop by prime snorkeling locations
- Opportunity to explore Baru’s shores

What's Included:
Kayaks, paddleboards, fresh fruit platter, and a bottle of wine.

Up to
10 Pax
8 Hours
$1.050 USD
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Half-day Tierrrabomba

Ever wanted to break away from the typical tourist scene? Now you can. Depart from Manga Marina and be transported to the tranquil waters of Tierrabomba. The island offers you the Caribbean paradise you've dreamed of but never knew existed.

- Enjoy the privacy of remote, untouched beaches
- Leisurely sunbathe with complimentary refreshing beverages

What's Included:
Seasonal fruits and drinks.

Up to
10 Pax
6 Hours
$750 USD
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Sunset Sailing

The sky’s colors begin to change; it’s that magical time to cast off into the Cartagena sunset. As the city’s skyline takes on golden hues, find your cozy spot onboard and prepare for an evening that’ll stay in your heart forever. It’s just you, the sunset, and endless possibilities.

Witness Cartagena's skyline transform into a spectacle of colors

What's Included:
Cheese and ham boards, seasonal fruits, and a bottle of wine.

Up to
12 Pax
2-3 Hours
$470 USD
our selection
Are you familiar with our local cuisine? Thanks to our talented Chef and kitchen crew, we are ready to offer you a broad selection of meals that will satisfy your cravings and give you a taste of our amazing caribbean flavours. 

Let our agents know any dietary requirements or additional requests and leave it to us, we’ll make sure it exceeds your expectations!

We cater for every occasion with a wide range of wines, beers, liquors, fresh juices, sodas and more. We are ready to pair up your menu with any kind of drink you desire. 

Our on board service includes drinking water and ice to make sure every sip you take is a refreshing experience while enjoying your journey sailing through the warm caribbean weather.
Our agents will take care of your menu request and the additionals you may want to include on board. Contact our Whatsapp lines or email us with your request and we will proceed to send the available options and prices for the different menus and packs we offer.
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