All our boats are carefully inspected to ensure a pleasant and safe experience. Our team will be waiting for you ready to sail to the selected destination whileyou can enjoy drinks and gastronomic delights on board.
Book fromUSD $499 USD
Class 1
←29ft - 33ft→
Our selection for Speed Boats between 29 and 33 feet are the ideal option to explore the coral reefs and the natural park on Cartagena’s coast and nearby vicinities. Class 1  is an ideal eco-friendly vessel capable to maneuver in shallow waters arriving at magnificent spots, just a jump away from exploring the rich and diverse coral areas. Class 1 is ideal for small groups or couples that want an adventurous, budgeted option to explore the islands. 

Lower costs associated with Class 1 permits to book more activities, donut/ski-pull, and even a guided snorkeling tours or private diving immersions.
Book fromUSD $830 USD
Class 2
←38ft - 43ft→
For those seeking a little more space, we present the Open 38-43 or class 2 vessels, ideal for groups of 10-18 passengers. This selection of boats includes all of the amenities for a fantastic getaway . Open 38-41 are well known for their speaker systems and their capacity to accommodate larger groups comfortably. The class 2 is ideal for boat parties while docked in any of our beautiful locations.  

Stay onboard and enjoy amenities such as bluetooth enabled speakers, large coolers for storage,lavatories and a full menu onboard. 

Every vessel adheres to national and international standards and guidelines for safety regulations
Book fromUSD $1599 USD
Class 3
←34ft - 56ft→
The class 3 vessels are luxury liners that feature stunning design and can comfortably accommodate up to 14 passengers. Vessels such as the Pershing 56 include a large deck with plush sofas and a spacious sun-lounging area perfect for showing off your new bathing suit while working on your sun-kissed tan! This vessel is magnificently equipped for any type of voyage, whether you want to throw a raging party at sea or have a scuba diving adventure by the coral reefs, these vessels have you covered. Class 3 liners are fully equipped with A/C below deck, an en-suite master cabin with a lavatory, and a state-of-the-art bluetooth-enabled sound system for the entire yacht. 

Every vessel adheres to national and international standards and guidelines for safety regulations
Our Perks
Experience / Know-How
From 29 FT speed boats all the way up to 86FT yachts. This means we have the experience and the know-how of every local and international vendor without the constraints that make dealers mark-up prices. We are therefore uniquely poised to offer you from multiple vendors the best options that fit your budget. 
New to the world of yacht charter? Excited to see yachts that match your style and budget? Curious about the features of a particular yacht? wherever you are in the world our personalized service means we will be with you every step of the way and give you the real estimates of maintenance and all costs associated with the transaction of buying or selling a vessel. We enable you to inform us about your desires, in order for us to find you the perfect options. We put in the work so that you can relax from the outset of the process to the end.
Additional Services
Access, additional equipment, maintenance plans, subsidize rental plans, repairs, replacement parts. Work in this arena everyday to maintain the high standards of our vessels.