International Sea Turtle Symposium


Your boat is available from 9:00 am at the marina (or agreed departure location) where a Rent a Boat agent will be waiting for you to assist with any payment, reservation or last minute additional service you may require.

It takes 35-45 min to arrive at Corales del Rosario Islands. At this site is where activities take place: snorkeling, swimming or stay on board and enjoy the views, drinks, and snacks. Return time back in Cartagena 4:00 pm, depending on ocean & wind conditions.

The Perfect Surrounding

During the tour, we will stop at Gente de Mar beach club for lunch, where you’ll savor a traditional Caribbean-style meal with a choice of fish, meat, or chicken, accompanied by a complimentary drink. You’ll have two hours to relax and make use of the beach club’s facilities before continuing to the next stop of the tour on the island of Baru.

Our final destination is La Piscina, located on Isla Grande, which is one of the most popular tourist spots in the area. It’s a picturesque location where many boats gather to enjoy the crystal-clear waters. We’ll return to the city at approximately 3:45 pm, concluding an unforgettable experience.


Flexible Price: Even though sailing to the rosario islands on board a private boat can be expensive, our unique experience ticket offer the possibility to share it with other travellers who seek adventure. An amazing opportunity to meet people from other cultures that you may find and meet on board.  

Our Poolers: Other travellers to come with you on board letting them know all the details and specs of the journey. Therefore we can ensure a pleasant experience avoiding awkward or unpleasant situations. 

Vessels: All our vessels are well inspected and prepared for your experience, considering comfort, personal spaces and storage crucial. Hence the only thing you may need to keep in mind is to enjoy the ride! 


As it is a pool, it will always be subject to meeting a minimum ticket goal to carry out the experience.

The agreed minimum goal was met: In this case the pool participants will be notified via email that the pooling is completed and scheduled for the agreed date and conditions.

If the minimum goal is not met:  With at least 24 hours in advance, the participants in the pool will be informed that the goal was not reached and that for this reason they will be reimbursed 100% of the amount paid (Via Paypal)

Cancellations: Only the cancellations submitted with at least 48 hours prior to the date of the pool will be admissible without costs. Given the characteristics of this service, a cancellation affects other interested parties and therefore we seek a balance among all. This must be submitted by email detailing the name, date and payment details of your reservation. 

Drinks and food on board: We allow to bring any food or alcoholic beverages that you want. However, food or drinks cannot be taken to any beach club where lunch is scheduled.

Music on board: Normally due to roaming or data coverage, it is usual for music to be accompanied by a boat on a usb with a varied selection of music. However, in those cases where one or more poolers want to test their skills as a DJ they can place their favorite songs once socialized and agreed unanimously.

Time and place of departure: The time and location of departure are crucial for a seamless experience. Departure time is promptly at 8:30 am, with a maximum waiting period of 10 minutes. After a quick boarding protocol, the boat will be ready to set sail from the assigned navy location. It is essential to provide this information via email, along with the confirmation of the reservation, to ensure a smooth departure.

Lunch time: According to the navigation itinerary, the arrival time at the Beach Club  will be 12:00 pm. The stipulated time for lunch will be 2 hours from the time of arrival, that is, leaving no later than 2:30 pm. Any person who, due to his carelessness or choice, decides to stay will bear the costs and the responsibility of his return to the city. As long as there is no justification or notification to the pooler manager for this reason.