Island Hopping
Just 40km away from Cartagena’s coastline and after a short and pleasant boat ride, there is a hidden gem thriving with endemic wildlife, surrounded by stunning clear blue water and full of many enchanting secret beach spots that is a must when visiting our city.

Allow us to take you on a magnificent journey through the beautiful Rosario Islands, a collection of 28 small islands with an incredible versatility that will please those looking to spend a calmed and relaxed day sailing through nature, as well as the adventure seekers wanting to try new experiences in a memorable fun-filled journey.

Are you ready to sail?
discover the wonders
Located within the Corales del Rosario y de San Bernardo National Natural Park, these 28 small islands are formed by a variety of underwater ecosystems such as coral reef, wetlands, mangroves, sand beaches, rocky coastlines, sedimentary bottom, seagrass meadows and much more. 

It is mainly inhabited by corals that house an infinite diversity of sea life ranging from microscopic organisms to crustaceans, sea urchins, fish, algae, starfish and beautiful sea birds such as pelicans, martines pescadores and turpiales.


Base on your taste and preferences our team will suggest the best suitable experience for you to choose.

Are you familiar with our local cuisine? Thanks to our talented Chef and kitchen crew, we are ready to offer you a broad selection of meals that will satisfy your cravings and give you a taste of our amazing caribbean flavours.

Let our agents know any dietary requirements or additional requests and leave it to us, we’ll make sure it exceeds your expectations!

We cater for every occasion with a wide range of wines, beers, liquors, fresh juices, sodas and more. We are ready to pair up your menu with any kind of drink you desire.

Our on board service includes drinking water and ice to make sure every sip you take is a refreshing experience while enjoying your journey under the sun.
Watersports Gear
For those interested in exploring the beauty lying beneath the waves, snorkeling gear is always available as well as floating sticks for passengers looking to take a moment and admire the view from the surface. 

We also provide high end sound systems on board so you can add a musical touch to complete your experience.
On board crew
Our skilled captains are experts having frequently navigated through The Rosario Islands archipelago. They keep track of the ocean and wind conditions to ensure a safe ride and handpick different locations  where you may spend your day according to the time of year. 

You will have the option to choose between anchoring at popular spots or rather escaping to a more secluded one. During these stops you can relax and enjoy your food and beverages, gear up with a snorkel and dive into the ocean or stay on board to take in the moment. 
Getting there
Your boat is available from 8:30 am at the marina (or agreed departure location) where a Rent a Boat agent will be waiting for you to assist you with any payment, reservation or last minute additional service you may require.

Once everyone and everything is safely on board, your Captain will depart heading south and cruising at an average speed of 26 knots, covering the 40 km distance to The Rosario Islands (an average boat ride takes around 50 minutes).
Safety On board
Lifejackets and first-aid kits are always on board and usually stored in the stern of the vessel. The on-board crew will instruct you when it’s time to put them on and will be at hand for any assistance. Children sized lifejackets are also available, ask the captain to provide as many as you require.

If you become physically ill or if an accident such as a theft occurs, please advise a crew member immediately.
If you become physically ill, or if an accident such as theft occurs, please advise a crew member immediately.