Experience Ticket

Experience Ticket
Island hopping to Rosario Island is a must during your stay in Cartagena, with our experience ticket we offer a viable option using a pooling feature. We welcome travelers looking to explore the Rosario islands and the island of Barú. Enjoy an authentic caribbean lunch and relax on a beautiful beach.
Navigation Details
The boat will be available since 8:30 am. A Rent a Boat agent will be waiting for you at the marina or (departure location). Our agent will aid with any payment, reservation or additional services required for your booking.

Ready to sail?

You will depart southbound cruising at an average speed of 26 knots towards Rosario islands. There is a total distance of 40 km from Cartagena. Speedboats take around 45 min to reach the islands.
45 min on speed boats from cartagena is Isla Grande (Corales del Rosario).
After cruising Rosario island the boat will dock at amazing spots where you can swim, snorkel or stay onboard enjoying drinks and snacks while listening to music. At 15:00 you will return back to cartagena at the marina.

At Cholon (optional), the most popular tourist venue, where you most likely find other boats blasting music and partying scattered across the cove. Around 3:45 pm we return to the city closing what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.
Beach Club
Lunch time will be at a beach club, Gente de Mar, where a typical caribbean style lunch (fish platter or meat/chicken option) with a complimentary drink will be served. After 2 hours of resting and using the facilities at the beach club, the party continues to the island of Baru where the final part of the tour takes place.
Flexible Price
 Even though sailing to the rosario islands on board a private boat can be expensive, our unique experience ticket offer the possibility to share it with other travellers who seek adventure. 
Our Poolers
Other travellers to come with you on board letting them know all the details and specs of the journey. An amazing opportunity to meet people from other cultures that you may find and meet onboard.  Great chance of making memories and even friendships for years to come. 
All our vessels are well inspected and prepared for your experience, considering comfort, personal spaces and storage crucial. Hence the only thing you may need to keep in mind is to enjoy the ride! 
Beach Club
Gente de Mar es un hotel ubicado en la isla media naranja en el corazón de isla grande, rodeado por aguas cristalinas y playas de arena blanca. A pocas brazadas de la orilla se ubica una gran barrera de coral que cubre a la isla, hogar de cientos de especies de fauna y flora endémicas de esta región. Los poolers son siempre bienvenidos a la isla y contarán con beneficios especiales como el uso de las asoleadoras, toallas y mobiliario del hotel, así como acceso a la carta de bebidas para complementar tu estadía disfrutando de tu cóctel preferido! 
Safety On Board
We welcome you on board and hope you'll have the most pleasant voyage. For your own comfort and safety, we would like you to acquaint yourself with the vessel and crew.

Always follow the safety instructions given by the Captain and crew members onboard.
Lifejackets are placed onboard in the stern storage. The lifejackets are to be put on when you are orderer to do so. The ship's crew will assist you. Lifejackets for childrens are also available onboard.
Rent a Boat's special environmental policy commits the company to find ways to reduce pollution of the environment. We sort all waste for delivery ashore for recycling. we ask our passengers to refrain from throwing any waste overboard and to put it in a waste container so we can deliver it ashore.
All fire-fighting, safety, and lifesaving equipment are regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with the maintenance program.
If you become physically ill, or if an accident such as theft occurs, please advise a crew member immediately.